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Drop Shot Explorer 4.0 Padel Racket (2021)


The new Drop Shot Explorer 4.0, the new addition to the successful Explorer saga that has triumphed so much in all its previous versions, with an unbeatable value for money.

The Drop Shot Explorer 4.0 racket, uses Cork Layer technology and perfectly controls vibrations in the hit, in addition to combining Carbon 3,000 with Eva Pro rubber to become a versatile and versatile racket.

Designed for mid-high level players who need a quality and competent product that lives up to all facets of their game.

Frame - Doble tubular Carbono
Face - Carbono 3.000 + 3D
Core - Eva Soft High Density
Technology - Cork Grip. Canal Silicona Grip.
Format - Teardrop
Weight - 360-380 grs
Thickness - 38 mm
Range game - Regular player. Medium/High level. Power / Control balanced.