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Drop Shot Premium 1.0 Padel Racket (2021)


The Drop Shot Premium 1.0, from the Be One Drop Shot line, with materials and technologies developed at the suggestion of legend Juan Martin Diaz. A select and distinguished shovel that makes a difference on and off the track.

This Drop Shot Premium 1.0 means another step towards excellence within the Be One line.

The racket has a round oversize format that enhances the hitting of the ball, and with the Rectangular Carbon that, together with the Eva Pro, achieve a superior result in the control section in all facets of the game.

Designed for players with a high intensity of play and with an advanced level that they want makes a difference on the court with colossal and precise blows, accompanied by a modern and pure design.

Frame - Doble tubular Carbono
Face - Rectangle Carbon + CURV 360 + 3D
Core - Eva Pro. High Density.
Technology - Cork Grip. Canal Silicona Grip. Power Beam Heart
Format - Round Oversize
Weight - 360-380 grs
Thickness - 38 mm
Range game - Professional. High Level.