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Royal Padel M27 R Line Control X 2022


Enhanced reinforced carbon frame for 2022.

Level: Pro
Material: Fiber
Width: 38
Profile: 38
Form: Oversized Round
Weight: 350-370

Frame: 100% Carbon Frame

Surface: Ultralight Polyethylene core with 100% carbon fibre. Impregnating epoxy resin including titanium dioxide. Rough Face with “honeycomb” system. New carbontech face and coretech shock-resistant center.

Details: Incorporates the shock absorption system in the open heart reduces in its entirety the vibrations of the ball impact. ITS IMMEDIATE RECOVERY HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE RUBBER AND ALL NEW CARBON TECH FACE GIVES ULTIMATE CONTROL AND FEEL WHEN MAKING CONTACT WITH THE BALL.RACKET OF WPT#46 SARA PUJALS