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NOX AT10 Genius Agustin Tapia's Padel Racket

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The AT10 GENIUS is the new padel racket developed jointly with Agustín Tapia for the new season. It shares the same mould and HR3 rubber core that Augustine liked so much in the previous model during 2019. As a novelty, it incorporates the 12K carbon fiber and a rugged finish on the surfaces at the express request of the player.

This racket has a bright aesthetic, designed to meet the taste of the “Pearl” of world padel. It also incorporates the AVS anti-vibration system to minimize the vibrations trans- mitted to your arm.

Unlike other brands, our players play with the padels from our collection without any special modifications. So, with the AT10 GENIUS you can feel the same sensations on the court as “El Genio de Catamarca”, the Catamarca genius Agustín Tapia.

Shape Tear
Weight 360-375 grams
Core HR3 Core
Frame 100% Carbon
Face Carbon Fiber 12K
Control 10/10
Power 9/10