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Within the Drop Shot paddle tennis shoe collection is the Autum-Winter 2021 line with renewed models for the final stretch of the season and that guarantee the highest quality standards, the most transgressive aesthetics and the highest performance.

This is the case of the Drop Shot Mylar XTW paddle shoe, a high-end model that the legend Juan Martín Díaz wears on the tracks of the professional World Padel Tour circuit.

A product that is aimed at intermediate and advanced level players and that is characterized by its stability, durability and comfort and that will give the paddle player optimal comfort in the practice of this sport.

The new Drop Shot Mylar XTW 2021 have a long-lasting clay sole to guarantee maximum grip on the tread thanks to its anti-slip system. In addition, this model takes great care of safety and relies on a stabilizer in the heel area that hugs the foot and gives an extra sensation of safety and comfort in equal measure.

And, all with an elegant and transgressive design. White is the tonality chosen for its composition, leaving the details in electric blue and black the protagonist of the color and creating an avant-garde composition.